TSER Seminar

The Department of Economics of the University of Turku holds a weekly seminar every Tuesday from 16:00-17:00 at the Turku School of Economics.

Note: In Autumn 2023, seminars are held mainly in a hybrid format (with a few exceptions). All seminars can be accessed through the Zoom link


Seminars – Autumn 2023

  • 12.9. [hybrid, LS07]  Timo Teräsvirta (Aarhus University and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin): Long Monthly European Temperature and Precipitation Series and the North Atlantic Oscillation
  • 19.9. [hybrid, LS08] Terhi Maczulskij (ETLA): Firm-level cyclicality of carbon productivity
  • 26.9. [hybrid, LS07] Tuomas Takalo (Bank of Finland): Patent Policy and Costly Imitation: Evidence from Paragraph IV Generic Entry in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • 3.10. [hybrid, LS08] Claudia Troccoli (Aalto Uni.): Evolution of the Child Penalty
  • 10.10. [hybrid, LS07] Juha Tervala (Uni. Helsinki): Building the Education Revolution: The Employment Effects of Fiscal Stimulus in Australia
  • 17.10. [hybrid, LS07] Jérôme Schäfer (LMU): Making Unequal Democracy Work? The Effect of Income on Voter Turnout and Vote Choice in Italy
  • 24.10. [hybrid, LS09] Ciprian Domnisoru (Aalto Uni.): Planning for Family Succession
  • 31.10. [hybrid, LS08] Eero Mäkynen (UTU): Earnings Dynamics with On-the-Job Learning
  • 7.11. [hybrid, LS08] Jeremias Nieminen (UTU):  Effects of Regional Exemptions from Labor Market Testing
  • 14.11 [hybrid, LS08] Esther Mbih (UTU): Understanding the Barriers to Training Enrolment : a Descriptive Analysis
  • 21.11. [hybrid, LS08] Daniel Knutsson (Uppsala Uni.): Beyond the Learning Curve: Ambulance Nurse Experience and Performance
  • 28.11. [hybrid, LS08] Juha Kilponen (Bank of Finland): Should central banks’ inflation target be raised?


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