TSER Seminar

The Department of Economics of the University of Turku holds a weekly seminar every Tuesday 16:00-17:00 at Turku School of Economics.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic-related restrictions, all the seminars in Autumn 2020 and Spring 2021 are held remotely via. Zoom.

Join Zoom Meeting: https://utu.zoom.us/j/69697161542 

Seminars – Spring 2021

  • 12.1.   Ville Vehkasalo (UTU) : Effects of face‑to‑face counselling on unemployment rate and duration
  • 19.1.   Jaakko Meriläinen (ITAM) :  The Violent Origins of Finnish Equality
  • 25.1. (Monday)  Elisabetta Leni (Essex) :   Heterogeneity of Incentive Effects on Elicited Guilt Aversion
  • 26.1.   Essi Kujansuu (EUI) :   Choice Architecture and Transparency
  • 2.2.    Francesco Zanetti (Oxford Uni.) : Dependence of Fiscal Multipliers: the Source of Fluctuations Matters
  • 9.2.    Janne Tukiainen (UTU) :  Pre-Electoral Coalitions: Insights into the Creation of Political Parties
  • 16.2.  Kristiina Huttunen (VATT) : The Effect of Home Care Allowance on Child Outcomes
  • 23.2.  WINTER BREAK (Hiihtoloma)   NO SEMINAR
  • 2.3.    Riccardo Saulle (Uni. Padova) :   Myopic Oligopoly Pricing
  • 9.3.    Martti Kaila (Uni. Helsinki) : The Crime Ladder: Estimating the Impact of Different Punishments on Defendant Outcomes
  • 16.3.  Matti Sarvimäki (Aalto Uni.) : The Making of Social Democracy: The Economic and Electoral Consequences of Norway’s 1936 Folk School Reform
  • 23.3.  Johannes Räsänen (UTU) :  Labor Market Effects of Forced Displacement: Quasi-experimental evidence from internal migration in Ukraine
  • 30.3.  Anders Kock (Oxford Uni.) : Consistency of p-norm based tests in high-dimensions: characterization, monotonicity, domination
  • 6.4.   Arduino Tomasi (LSE) : Brains or Muscles? A Political Economy of Tax Evasion
  • 13.4. Henri Salokangas (UTU) : Spillover Effects of Health Shocks: Evidence from Cancer Diagnoses
  • 20.4. Mehmet Barlo (Sabanci University) : Implementation with Missing Data
  • 27.4. Satu Metsälampi (UTU) : Causal study on the effects of relative income information – interim results from the pilot study
  • 4.5. Erik Mäkelä (UTU) : Housing markets and capitalization of information: Case of land leases
  • 11.5. Efrem Castelnuovo (Padova) : Sectoral Uncertainty
  • 18.5. Juha Laine (Roche/UTU) : Features of price regulation and price setting of pharmaceuticals in Finland
  • 25.5. Ritesh Jain (Academia Sinica) : A systematic test of the Independence Axiom near certainty

Past seminars – Autumn 2020

  • 22.9.  Joonas Uotinen (UTU): On the relativity, and ecological unsustainability of subjective well-being
  • 29.9.   Martin Ellison (University of Oxford): The Ends of 39 Big Recessions
  • 6.10.   Tanja Saxell (VATT): ​Information integration, coordination failures, and quality of prescribing
  • 13.10.  Oskari Vähämaa (Uni. Helsinki): Uncertainty, Misallocation and the Life-cycle Growth of Firms
  • 20.10.  Teemu Lyytikäinen (VATT): Tax Compliance in the Rental Housing Market: Evidence from a Field Experiment
  • 27.10.  Sander Ramboer (VATT): The Impact of Local Property Taxation on Firm Growth and Location: Evidence from Flanders
  • 3.11.   Markus Haavio (Suomen Pankki): Reading between the lines – Using text analysis to estimate the loss function of the ECB
  • 10.11.  Shigeru Fujita (FED Philadelphia):  Employer-to-employee reallocation
  • 17.11.  Guido Ascari (University of Oxford): Non-linearities, state-dependent prices and the transmission mechanism of monetary policy
  • 1.12.  Ludo Visschers (University of Edinburgh): Unemployment and Endogenous Reallocation over the Business Cycle
  • 8.12.   Anssi Kähkönen (UTU): R&D Incentives, Inventive Activity and Propensity to Patent: Empirical Evidence from Finland