TSER Seminar

The Department of Economics of the University of Turku holds a weekly seminar every Tuesday from 16:00-17:00 at the Turku School of Economics.

Note: In Spring 2023, seminars are held 16-17 mainly in a hybrid format (with a few exceptions). All seminars can be accessed through the Zoom link https://utu.zoom.us/j/61287305705

Seminars – Spring 2023

  • 17.1. [hybrid, LS08]  Patricia Justino (UNU-WIDER): Civic Legacies of Wartime Governance
  • 24.1. [hybrid, LS12] Timo Virtanen (UTU): Heterogeneous effects of job loss in a bad economy
  • 31.1. [hybrid, LS08] Jan Jääskeläinen (FCCA): Effects of taxi market deregulation: Evidence from Finland
  • 7.2. [hybrid, LS07] Salomo Hirvonen (UTU): The Effect of Unconditional Cash Transfers on Voting Participation: Evidence from the Finnish Basic Income Experiment
  • 14.2. [hybrid, LS08] Hanna Pesola (VATT): Cost of Job Loss during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • 21.2. no seminar
  • 28.2. [hybrid, LS07] Timm Prein (Uni. Helsinki): Bailouts and the Maturity of Sovereign Debt
  • 7.3. [hybrid, LS07] Kim Ristolainen (UTU): Narrative Triggers of Information Sensitivity
  • 14.3. [hybrid, LS07] Elisabeth Leduc (Erasmus School of Economics):  Training Jobseekers to Address Labour Shortages: An Experimental Study on Information Barriers
  • 21.3. [hybrid, LS07] Kenneth Løvold Rødseth (Inst. of Transport Economics): Transport effectiveness during Covid-19: Regression discontinuity – StoNED analysis of e-scooter providers in Oslo
  • 28.3. [hybrid, LS07] Eljas Aalto (UTU): Net energy and directed technical change
  • 4.4. [hybrid, LS07] Nicolas Lagios (ULB): How Demonstrations Turn Voters Against the Far Right: Evidence from French Presidential Elections
  • 11.4. [hybrid, LS07] Eetu Kauria (UTU): Business cycles and construction quality
  • 18.4. [hybrid, LS12] Kimmo Elo (UTU): Politics vocabulary as an analytical window into political landscapes of the Finnish Parliament
  • 25.4. [hybrid, LS07] Kirsi Peltonen (UTU): Building resilience in the aftermath of displacement: the intergenerational effects of a randomized mental health intervention for refugee families – An example of psychological trial
  • 2.5. [hybrid, LS07] Susmita Baulia (UTU): Organizational Culture in Public Procurement
  • 9.5. [hybrid, LS09] Topi Miettinen (Hanken): Personal and societal conflict of distributive principles and preferences
  • 16.5 [hybrid, LS07] Mauri Kotamäki (Finnvera): Credit Constraints of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Finland – Causal Interpretation from a Survey
  • 23.5. NO SEMINAR
  • 30.5. [hybrid, LS07] Christina Bratu (VATT): Firm productivity and immigrant-native earnings disparity
  • 6.6. [hybrid, LS12] Henri Salokangas (UTU): Mental Health Effects of Cancer in the Family: A Nationwide Register-based Study
  • 13.6. [hybrid, LS18] Franck Portier (UCL): Some Inference Perils of Imposing a Taylor Rule


Seminars – Autumn 2022

  • 20.9. [hybrid]  Timo Kuosmanen (UTU):  Misallocation of labor and capital in Finland’s business sector
  • 27.9. [hybrid]  Janne Tukiainen (UTU):  Personality traits and cognitive ability in political selection
  • 4.10. [online]  Jeremias Nieminen (UTU):  Does the Presence of TV Cameras Affect Polarization in Parliamentary Speech?
  • 11.10. [hybrid] Tolga Benzer (UTU):  The Mission and the Brotherhood: The Role of Colonial Christian Missionaries on Contemporary Politics in Egypt
  • 18.10. [hybrid] Erkki Vihriälä (Aalto):  (Not) Anticipating Predictable Inheritances
  • 25.10. [hybrid] Dai Sheng (Aalto):  New development of overfitting reduction in convex regression
  • 1.11. [hybrid/LS07] Konsta Lavaste (Uni. Jyväskylä):  Hospital choice and patient outcomes: Evidence from regional choice reform
  • Monday 7.11. [onsite LS07] Hannu Salonen (UTU):  Läksiäisseminaari
  • 15.11.[hybrid/LS07] Dimitrios Minos (King’s College London): Remittances and gender inequality
  • 22.11. [hybrid] Matti Mitrunen(Uni. Helsinki): Labor Market Impacts of a Socialist Curriculum
  • 29.11. [hybrid] Maarit Olkkola (Aalto): Public Policy and the Child Mortality Transition
  • 6.12. No seminar /Itsenäisyyspäivä
  • 13.12. [online] Ohto Kanninen (Labore): Wage garnishment and labor supply
  • 20.12. [online] Tapio Haaga (UTU):  Effects of Nurse Visit Copayments: Does the Primary Care Use of the Poor Respond More?

Past seminars -Academic year 2021-22

Past seminars -Academic year 2020-21