ACE Seminar

Spring 2020

14.1. Fabio Verona (BoF): “Assessing US aggregate fluctuations across time and frequencies”
21.1. Helena Holmlund (IFAU): “Homogamy at risk? How compulsory schooling made the very rich marry down”
28.1. Michaela Schmöller (BoF): “Secular Stagnation in a Currency Union”
4.2. Peter Matthews (Middlebury College): “Trust and Redistributive Preferences: An Experiment and Re-evaluation”
11.2. Salla Simola (Aalto): “Partisanship in political speech: Text-based analysis of Finnish parliamentary debates 1907-2018”
25.2. Miri Stryjan (Ben Gurion): “Preparing for genocide: Quasi-experimental evidence from Rwanda”
3.3. Kim Ristolainen (UTU): “Are bank capital requirements optimally set? Evidence from researchers’ views”
10.3. Barrios Fernández Andrés (VATT): “Siblings’ Spillover Effects on College and Major Choice: Evidence from Chile, Croatia and Sweden”
17.3. Sander Ramboer (VATT): “The Impact of Local Property Taxation on Firm Growth and Location: Evidence from Flanders”
24.3. Tomi Roukka (UTU): “Income uncertainty and risk-taking – The effect of lay-off negotiations on gambling behaviour”
31.3. Mitri Kitti (UTU): “Valuation of mortality and injury risk reductions”
7.4. Joonas Uotinen (UTU): “On the relativity, and ecological unsustainability of subjective well-being”
21.4. Eero Mäkynen (UTU): TBA
28.4. Hannu Salonen (UTU): TBA
5.5. Per Hjertstrand (IFN): TBA
12.5. Jere Jokinen (UTU)
19.5. Anssi Kähkönen (UTU): “R&D Incentives, Inventive Activity and Propensity to Patent: Empirical Evidence from Finland”