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One of the main objectives of ACE is to encourage students in economics to attend courses at the other universities in Turku that the home university can not supply. These exchange studies take place within the national JOO-agreement.
The ACE-universities have an extra JOO-agreement. With this agreement, the universities do not charge each other for courses in economics that students (with economics as their major) take at the other universities. Students can:

- continuously apply for right to study (maximum two study periods per
university and year)
- hand in their JOO-application form to their student office
- take courses in economics at other ACE universities (maximum 15 sv/25 sp)

Before applying, check with your university that the studies are approved as part of your degree.

University of Turku, Department of Economics
Turku School of Economics, Department of Economics
Åbo Akademi, Department of Economics

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